When I started my own business in 2007 – things went really well for the first 6 months.

I had some early success with my first customers, but then when these projects came to fruition, I had little new work to replace it.  That was around June 2008.  Of course that was also the year that the world went into financial meltdown!  Oh the timing!

Business Networking?

I needed new customers urgently so decided to act quickly by joining a number of local business networks.  That got me a little work but during that time I also met a few “marketers” who persuaded me (mostly using scare tactics) to part with more money than I could afford to lose in – exchange for customers.

Terrible Marketing!
Sadly, they never delivered – not one single customer!  I’m still pretty angry about that!

I was gutted that I had wasted £1,000’s, and quickly came to the conclusion that I couldn’t afford marketing!

Of course my experience to date was with unscrupulous marketers who were no better than confidence tricksters.

So my experience of marketing at that time felt more like gambling.  None of the people I had met since were able to explain how it actually works and that it should pay for itself like an investment.

Because lack of customers made me think (wrongly) that demand for my current skills was in decline, I’ve spent lots of money over the years on other ventures to try and get more work in other sectors.

In actual fact – my problem was that I was not marketing properly at all!  Looking back, I now realise that I could have a much easier time if I had decent advice and a decent marketing consultant to help me.

Great Marketing!
A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the Entrepreneurs Circle and attended one of their seminars in Birmingham.   Their approach to marketing is completely different and amazingly effective – it’s transformed my approach to marketing.  I was so fired up about it that this year I joined their team of coaches!

The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System is a proven system for business owners to take their business to the next level of performance.  For the business owner – it’s life changing!  It has been developed and perfected over a number of years by Nigel Botterill and his team at the Entrepreneurs Circle .  An EC Certified Coach teaches and coaches this system to serious business owners and supports their progress through the 5 different parts.  It delivers the “rythmic acqusition of customers” – the lifeblood of any business!

I’m now an EC Certified Coach so I can teach the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System.

Carlton Jones

This is me!

Lena Solutions is owned and run by me, Carlton Jones – a business marketing coach, database software developer and  digital film-maker.  I worked for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals for 19 years developing global information systems before leaving AZ in 2007 to work with local (Torbay and Mid/South Devon) small/medium sized businesses, initially to provide key business solutions, including:


  • Bespoke Business Systems
  • Marketing Systems
  • Video Production

We are proud to be a small business and we aim to deliver a personal, bespoke service with excellent value to businesses of all sizes who appreciate the value and support we give.