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Business Automation & Marketing Solutions

Two essential system services (plus video) to help you run your business efficiently, deliver a 1st class customer service and sort out your marketing properly – for good!

What We Do

Established in 2007, Lena Solutions Ltd provides a unique blend of services that takes the average small/medium sized business up to the next level of performance and revenue.

Not Just Marketing

With so many options for marketing in the digital age we help you focus in on the effective solutions that will fix your marketing now and in the future.

As a qualified coach of the fabulous Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System, we can take you through the “rythmic aquisition of customers”.

Tailored Software Systems

Since 2007 we have been developing and building automated computer systems that turn businesses into fast and efficient organisations!

Video Production

High quality video content to engage with your target audience – develop customer relationships and trust to drive up your conversions.

Corporate videos, how-to videos, product demo’s – whatever fits best – we do them all.

A valued marketing companion!

Carlton Jones

Carlton Jones – Owner of Lena Solutions

Eighty Percent!

of small businesses are either

struggling (20%)

or just getting by (60%)

In the UK where there are 5.8 million small businesses (0-49 employees) – that equates to a staggering 4.6 million businesses that need help to grow!

The remaining 20% are doing great, and that includes the wealthy businesses that have already cracked the…

rythmic aquisition of customers

and now you can too!

Marketing & Sales Coaching

Coaching the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System – a tried and tested method of fixing your marketing.

Video Production

Since offering Video Production to our existing customers in 2013, we continue to create stunning videos that engage.

Tailored Software Systems

Developers and bespoke solution providers of Windows based Microsoft Access automating Microsoft Outlook and Word.

Web Hosting

Providing a personalised service to take the hassle out of domain registration/renewals, web and email hosting.

Video Projects

A selection of videos we created for local business to promote their work and inform their prospects.

Let’s Work Together

Many of our wonderful customers have been with us from the very start – and there’s a good reason for that.  We take our business seriously and continually strive to provide a great service and deliver value. 

We help our customers any way we can to sooth the aches and pains of running a business.  If that’s the sort or business relationship that works for you then please get in touch.

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