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Microsoft breaks Access again with Office 365 update v2005 Build 12827.20268.

The update was release on 2nd June 2020.

Symptoms I had were Microsoft Access crashing suddenly at the same point, often with just a brief pause.

The VBA code where the crash happened was just normal code, nothing fancy, that for years has worked fine.

When I set a breakpoint in my VBA code to see where the crash was happening I found 2 areas, both relating to numeric fields.

1. The DAO recordset function GetRows() retrieved a numeric field (a Decimal in this case) as a Null value. This error in itself did not crash Access by my code failed later when I tried to retrieve the number value which was Null.

2. In VBA, when adding a new record to a DAO recordset, Access crashed at the point I was adding a numeric value to a numeric field.

I found the quickest solution was to revert to an earlier version. Before the update I was on v2004 Build 12730.20270 (released 12th May 2020). See article below on how to do this.


Come on Microsoft – you’re getting really sloppy! This has already cost me a day in locating the problem and finding a fix. It will probably take a good few days of my time to support my customers, so please find a fix quickly!