Image Backup

Worried about your PC hard disk failing?  Consider using Image Backup software before it’s too late!

I use it, and although I don’t relish the prospect of a poorly hard disk, I’m happy to know that if my PC hard disk were to fail, that I have cut down the misery to an absolute minimum.  If you would like us to set this up for you, please get in touch.

What is Image Backup software?

Image Backup software takes a complete snapshot of a working PC hard disk, not just the data, and saves it to another place – usually and external hard disk.  Used correctly, when your hard disk fails (at the worst possible time), you could be up and running again in under 2 hours.  That’s everything recovered just the way it was when you last backed up i.e. programs, software, confuguration – the lot!

There is more than one variety of Image Backup software on the market, but I currently use Acronis True Image (see It allows me to restore my complete hard disk or individual files as required.  Used in conjunction with a USB hard disk, it’s a powerful recovery solution.

Here’s how to set up your backup solution

  1. Buy a USB external hard disk which is ideally at least one and a half times larger than the used space on your hard disk (I like the WD Passport series as they are tiny and very portable)
  2. Buy Image Backup software e.g. Acronis True Image Home and Office
  3. Install the Image Backup software and use the tools it provides to create the recovery CD needed to start your PC in the event of hard disk failure.
  4. Use the Image Backup software to create a complete image of the hard disk, and schedule it to run daily Differential backups

Recovery Procedure?

  1. If the hard disk has failed, replace with new.
  2. Plug in your USB external hard disk with the backups on
  3. Insert the recovery CD (see above) and startup the PC
  4. Use the software that loads to add your new disk and start the restore
  5. Restart the PC and continue working!

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Get Your Own Domain

It’s so cheap (less than £10) to register your own business Internet domain (e.g. if you haven’t already.

This means that there is no need to have a business email that looks like  You can register a domain with us, and use email addresses on your domain (e.g.,,

You can forward new email addresses to your existing email accounts if you wish, to make it easier to manage all your emails from on place.

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Access 2007 Datasheet Interactive Filtering Fails

Access 2007 Datasheet Filter

When clicking on a column header “down arrowhead” interactively to use the built-in filtering feature of an Access 2007 datasheet (see opposite) you may get an error instead of the list of items on which to filter.

We found that this went away after applying Access 2007 SP2.

Exporting Access Tables to SQL Server Issues

When attempting to export a Microsoft Access table to SQL Server using the “Export to ODBC Database” functionality, the export can fail with the rather confusing message:

 “The expression is typed incorrectly, or it is too complex to be evaluated. For example, a numeric expression may contain too many complicated elements. Try simplifying the expression by assigning parts of the expression to variables”

This happened to us and on investigation we found that it was caused by invalid dates in one or more of the tables Date/Time type fields.  A quick way of finding them is to open the table and Sort A to Z each date column in turn.  The “bad” dates usually appear at the top of the sorted dates (sometimes shown as a time).  Correct or remove these dates and try again.  It worked for us!

Applies to: Microsoft Access 2007