Here’s a good question that nobody currently knows the answer to (on 5th May 2020 at any rate)…

 “when will we be back to normal?”.

You, me, the economists, the government – nobody knows – because it’s impossible to tell!

However, it’s really important that do we take action – soon – and use what we DO know.  It’s a delicate time for all businesses right now and delay could spell disaster.

What we DO know is that when the lockdown eases and everyone starts to go back to work in some form or other, business volume will be down from “normal” levels, and for some, significantly down.

There will be a GAP.  A sizeable GAP!

We all need to start work on filling that gap as best we can – right?

And we can.

Every business I talk to holds up their hands when I ask about their marketing and says “I need to sort out my marketing”.  And they are quite right – our customers are the lifeblood of any business!

What they realise is that there are shortcomings in their current marketing methods (often hurriedly cobbled together), they just don’t have the time to focus on marketing properly in order to make informed decisions.  Smart decisions!

So where do you start?

There are no quick fixes here (beware of those that say otherwise) but it is important to make a start soon and progress towards a clear business goal. A desired outcome (usually more leads, customers and hence profits)

In this digital age, the number of marketing options is now staggering, and in constant flux.  It’s almost impossible to keep up with.  Most business owners are dazzled and confused by these and simply don’t know which ones they should do or even how.


Rather than waste time and money – that you may not have – I would strongly urge you to use a marketing SYSTEM – more importantly – a proven one!

Simply one or two marketing actions (often with no real strategy) simply won’t cut it in today’s challenging environment.

What is needed is a marketing system that measures results and collects experience and knowledge for use time and time again, to deliver the Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers.

Like the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System

But don’t do this alone!

The quickest and best results will come from getting help.

I’m a marketing coach, certified by the Entrepreneurs Circle to teach the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System to business owners who are serious about taking their business out of this hole and on to better things.

As a marketing coach, I work closely with the business owner to identify the gap (often huge) between where they are now and where they want their business to be.

No prior marketing knowledge is required on their part, but together, with my help, we determine the gap, and devise a plan that works for you so we can start to make significant progress – at a pace that suits you.

Everything a business learns from my mentoring, teaching and coaching can be used indefinitely to make your business one of the best.

Let me help your business soon – let’s have a chat!

Call me on 01803 898860