On 21st August 2020 – Sir Ken Robinson – the best-selling author and TED Talk speaker died, aged 70.

He left this world surrounded by his family following a short battle from cancer.

Sir Ken was a brilliant and hugely inspirational leader in his field – education.

I first saw Sir Ken’s TED talk “Do schools kill creativity?” (below) a few years ago and it brought tears to my eyes!

It’s just the best presentation I have seen – ever!

Incredibly clever, insightful, thoughtful and also wonderfully entertaining.


But the message is a very serious one.

I think it touched me so deeply because of my experiences as a parent and an ex-school governor, but also as a child at school.  

I think everyone will find it incredibly moving – I’ve watched it again many times since.

Such a visionary and an inspirational man who leaves us with an important message for the entire world.

I thorougly recommend watching it.