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Lena Solutions Custom Database Systems

I’ve been a software developer since 1997.  Since that time I use have been using Microsoft Access because it is both simple to deploy and super fast to develop.  The user interface can be as feature rich, and powerful on time saving as the programmer develop.

During this time, it has continued to be enhanced by Microsoft (v2019 being the latest)  and interoperate with the automation of Microsoft Office suite applications Word, Excel and Outlook.

Introducing a new system to streamline a business may seem daunting.  I fully understand that but I’m big on seemless integration.  Minimum disruption.

A good software solution should be transformational to efficiency, effectiveness, profit and growth – and it should never be painful to implement or use.

Like one of my systems!

Avoiding the “big bang” approach, we look for what’s the minimum requirements to get the system in place and running with version 1.0.  We deploy that and then work together with the business on version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. – a few features at a time that are eased into use and quickly deployed and utilised.

Built over time, this way, my system features can be implemented and affordable, with build costs spread over time, at a speed to suit the customer.

I find that my customers appreciate the value they get early on and are always keen to accelerate the process!

Welcome to organically developed Lena Solutions software!  Here is a summary of the benefits:

  • Built specifically for the business
  • Features are relevant, powerful and make sense
  • Running costs are low
  • Training is minimal (almost non-existent – because it’s so easy to use)
  • Teamwork is enhanced (essential information stored and shared)
  • Staff love it because they are empowered to do more in less time
  • Business Owners love it because of all of the above

This is not mass-produced software – that rarely has any of these features!

I only take on a few software clients per year, after very careful conversation that I can help and that we can work together as a team.