Access 2013 Forms Slow

(Update: 11 Aug 2016 – The best thing I have tried to date is by downloading and running the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool .  You may need to restart your PC after using this.  I saved a copy of the repair tool file to an easy to find folder on my hard disk because I have to re-run it from time to time to re-apply the fix.  I’ve been trying this fix for several months and so far it has always fixed the problem, albeit until the next time!

(Plea to Microsoft: Please, please fix this – Access is a brilliant small scale database platform that remains pretty much unequalled in it’s class!) 

I recently had an issue with MS Access 2013 and tabbed controls where clicking on a tab would make MS Access hang for about 5 seconds.  I’m using MS Windows 8.1 and MS Office 365 with MS Access 2013.

An example is where I open a form that has a tab control on it.  In this case, my tab control had 4 tabs.  After opening the form,  when I clicked on another tab, MS Access hung for about 5 seconds before showing the tab.  It didn’t matter which tab I clicked on, I always had to wait 5 seconds for it to show.

Another symptom could be found when designing an MS Access database.  The Properties window, which is also tabbed takes an age to switch tabs and you can even see the screen redrawing itself – it’s that slow!


This issue has come and gone by itself a few times, and after lots of Googling, I finally found a work around.

From within MS Access, click File, Options, Current Database, then down to the setting called “Use Windows-themed Controls on Forms”.  Un-check this box.

When ‘checked on’ this setting gives the MS Access interface a more rounded look, but clearly has a problem when activated.

Hope that helps someone who has been as equally tortured by this bug as me.

Access 2007 Datasheet Interactive Filtering Fails

Access 2007 Datasheet Filter

When clicking on a column header “down arrowhead” interactively to use the built-in filtering feature of an Access 2007 datasheet (see opposite) you may get an error instead of the list of items on which to filter.

We found that this went away after applying Access 2007 SP2.

Exporting Access Tables to SQL Server Issues

When attempting to export a Microsoft Access table to SQL Server using the “Export to ODBC Database” functionality, the export can fail with the rather confusing message:

 “The expression is typed incorrectly, or it is too complex to be evaluated. For example, a numeric expression may contain too many complicated elements. Try simplifying the expression by assigning parts of the expression to variables”

This happened to us and on investigation we found that it was caused by invalid dates in one or more of the tables Date/Time type fields.  A quick way of finding them is to open the table and Sort A to Z each date column in turn.  The “bad” dates usually appear at the top of the sorted dates (sometimes shown as a time).  Correct or remove these dates and try again.  It worked for us!

Applies to: Microsoft Access 2007