It’s All About You!

Is This You?

Is This You?

Business Owner

You are an ambitious small-business owner with useful skills and a passion for delivering a great service!

Not so long ago, you started your own business because you wanted add value to peoples lives, and you looked forward to reaping the rewards of  running a profitable and successful business.  Seems only fair!

But then you realised that running the business, at the same time as trying to get new customers, was harder than you realised, and you end up compromising on those goals you set.

Very soon you find yourself delivering a premium service, but for a very average return, and to make matters worse you begin to dread the end of the month when the bills have to be paid.

That wasn’t the plan!

But you’re not alone!

It may surprise you to learn that a staggering 80% of small businesses are either:

  • “getting by” – 60% or
  • “struggling” – 20%.

This applies to almost any business sector.

The great news is that is that doesn’t have to be that way.  Successful businesses use the same marketing and customer management methods that we coach at Lena Solutions, and with some regular support and encouragement from us you can begin work on a brighter, more profitable future today.

With what we call “the rhythmic acquisition of customers” every aspect of your business can benefit and improve!  Get in touch for a chat.


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